So that no one can claim they “lost their homework”, attached see the pdf.s for the assignment sheets. This first assignment, Hamburgefonts aka Type Anatomy, is due September 2nd.

Several tips: Your word “Hamburgefonts” must fit on one sheet of 11 x 14″ paper. The word and hence the typography will be a little larger than the sample you will be drawing from. Tracing is not only discouraged, it is forbidden. Include the letters “Q” and “K” on a second line below. You will want to keep the same cap height as the line above. Sketch softly, lightly in pencil first to ensure you have the correct proportions. Don’t start the first few letters too large forcing yourself to condense the letters f o n t and s.

To check your proportions, look at the negative shapes between the strokes. By this I mean the open and closed counters of the letters: are they proportional to the original? Don’t know what’s meant by the term counters? You will when you’re done.


Type anatomy