Take your alphabet that you rendered and go forth and play. Combine letterforms to compose words. You can distort, stretch stems, decorate, enlarge and shrink, make the baseline a curve. In all your manipulations, preserve the personality and intent of the original alphabet’s forms.

Sketch out your combination of words in your sketchbooks. You can create a word or a phrase; the latter will give you more to do. It is a key aspect of the assignment that your creative manipulations are relevant to the meaning of the word. Don’t make arbitrary choices.

For your final, render the art on an 11 x 14″ sheet of paper. If you need a refined smooth surface, use hot press bristol. Work in black and white. You may include an illustration or decoration but the letterforms must be the dominant element in the design. Choose drawing tools that give you the desired effect, but the final must be inked in some fashion, not pencil. The mark can be loose or tight but should look intentional and well made, not sloppy and accidental.

As noted on the syllabus, bring to class your 18 x 24″ newsprint pad as well as paints, brushes, inks, charcoal, essentially, mark-making tools. During class we’ll explore writing on a larger, more liberated scale, closer to handwriting, script, and calligraphy.