Illustration by Elvis Swift

For class, you’ll write and illustrate a word or phrase using calligraphic or script lettering. In no way should you be bound by the alphabets you were studying earlier in the semester. This style will resemble handwriting but with closer attention to style and design. The letters will probably connect. Your tool and medium will inform the mark. Is your paper smooth or textured? Are you using a brush or pen? Is your medium dry brush or fluid ink? Play. Find a style of lettering that suits you and your aesthetic. Do not rely on something you’ve already done but explore options, expand your horizons.


Illustration by Raul Alejandro

You may want to pencil out your design. The execution might take you 10 minutes, but you might have to do it 20 times to get it right. The final should be done on paper or bristol. Size should be determined by your media and style. You may use color if you wish. Incorporate an illustrated element but let the lettering dominate your design. Your illustration may take the form of decoration within the letters. Show us.