The amazing Andrea Dezso has just had her illustrated version of the Grimm fairy tales come out; check out her work; she’s such an artistic polymath. If you haven’t already sent me a link or an email with the text you’ll be illustrating, please do so; it will be a fraction of your grade.

Your book cover and illustration should be well on their way. Feel free to hop back and forth between digital and traditional media. You don’t need to do all your traditional work, scan it, and stay in the digital realm henceforth. Let the stylistic choices for the cover dictate the interior design, not the other way around.

Your trim size can be 6×9″ unless you’re choosing to do a picture book for smaller children, in which case measure a book out, choose a size. For class print out your front cover to bring in, even if it’s a work in progress, so we can do an assessment of the printed object. Feel free to email me during the week for feedback.