Meet in the classroom at 8:30, as per usual. You should have printouts, to size*, of your storybook project. If you did a wrap of the jacket, print it twice and trim and fold one of them so we can see how the front cover will look alone and how the total book will look.

For this and all other remaining assignments, hand in your sketches (or photocopies of them) with your final work. You will be graded on process as well as product.

At 9am we’ll go to Room 215c to meet Chris Sickles of Red Nose Studios. He’s the Illustration Symposium speaker of the week. It’ll be a great opportunity to connect, to ask questions, to learn from someone who’s built a fantastic body of work using non-traditional media. Interacting with Chris Sickles will be a great preparation for our next assignment, when you’ll be working with unorthodox materials.

By 10 we’ll be back in our classroom for our critique. After crit we’ll head to the computer lab to watch a couple of videos to inspire the next project.

*By this I mean, when you go to print do not select “Scale to fit media.”