Cut paper art by Yulia Brodskaya

Come to class as per usual, 8:30 am, with your proposal for the Unusual Materials assignment. You can hand in a piece of paper or email your proposal to me. Choose a quote (or song lyric) or you can do a gig poster. Required size is 11 x 17″, vertical. If another size or format, you must have a compelling reason to do so. Your proposal must state your quote (or band name) as well as your materials you’ll be working with. You may wish to include an image of your materials test strip with your proposal.

Your dominant element will be letterforms created from unusual materials. No paint or ink, please. Don’t assemble the words digitally either. Use your hands. Look around your room, your kitchen, the junk drawer, the garage, outside. What can you use to fabricate recognizable, legible but surprising letters? Don’t forget that there should be a logical harmony between your materials and your message; that relationship should be meaningful not arbitrary. You’ll want to do a test with your materials to make sure your technique and adhesives are working the way you want them to.

For your secondary copy (credit line for the quote or the when and where of a gig poster) you can set the type digitally or hand letter it with traditional media if that makes sense. Legibility may be an issue with smaller text. Your Unusual Materials will ultimately need to be scanned or photographed. Be sure to account for that in the pacing of your work.


Hand painted signs by Cayetano Valenzuela

At 10:30 we’ll head downtown to meet in Cayetano Valenzuela’s Black Rabbit Studio in the Delavan Center at 501 W. Fayette St. I can take 4 people in my car. We need to be there at 11:00, so if you think the bus is fast enough you can do that. The Delavan Center is just a few blocks past the Warehouse, which might be convenient for the Comm Design folks. Or, if you have a car you wish to share, that would be great. Cayetano is giving us an hour of his time to demonstrate sign painting techniques and showing us his studio, so we can’t be late.