ballasiotes-seattle-design-4Poster by Chris Ballasiotes

We’ll start class with a critique of your poster project. Most of you will need to have your work photographed. All will be laid out to the requisite 11 x 17″ and printed out. Your secondary type (attribution for quotes, when and where for gig posters) can be digitally typeset. With the printed poster you’ll hand in sketches or photocopies of sketches to show your creative process.

After critique, everyone will get to work researching their final project. This one’s a free-for-all. What, this semester, do you wish you did more of? What are you wanting to add to your portfolio? What creative typographic path do you want to wander further down? Here’s your chance. You can do a booklet, pamphlet, piece of artwork, even another book jacket or poster. The only requirement is that typography and/or handlettering must be a dominant element in the design. You have 4 weeks for this last assignment, so pace yourselves for the happiest and most productive results.

One other thing: sketchbooks will comprise 15% of your final grade. If you have a multitude of different sketchbooks, you’ll need to show them all by the end of semester. If you’ve ripped out pages, you’ll need to gather them together. I’m happy to look at sketches for other classes but also want to see original doodling done for ILL 300.