Poster by götz gramlich

Hand in proposals for your Final Project. This is an unfettered opportunity: what do you want to do? Is there a skill or a style or an object you want to explore further, deepen your skills with? Show us.

There are few constraints, except for these:

1. Typography/lettering must be the dominant element in the design. You don’t have to use handlettering although that is encouraged. If your type is digitally typeset, the display type should be manipulated or customized in some fashion. Secondary or smaller type can be typeset, though craftsmanship will still matter. For illustration students, there must be an illustrated component to the project, either as part of the lettering as decoration or as an illustration on its own, tastefully designed with the lettering.

2. The complexity and skill required must reflect a month’s worth of work. Your project can be a single page or a piece of several parts, as long as it is thoughtfully conceived and well crafted in execution.

Your proposals should include a written description as well as sketches. You’ll each present to the class at large what your idea is, receive feedback and then continue to work for the rest of class. We can migrate to the computer lab (Roger permitting) if need be. Keep the software questions coming. It can be useful to build into an assignment the challenge of learning a new software skill. I’ll also gladly look at sketchbooks.