All good things must come to an end. Bring your final projects printed and trimmed to size along with copies of your process: sketches, notes, etc.

Bring too your sketchbooks for final review. They comprise 15% of your grade, so if you have more than one or disparate bits, bring them all in.

We’ll have critique of all of the above. Some of you have been very participatory with interesting and interested things to say. Your participation in crit is part of your grade, so bring your best self, screw up your courage, drink another cup of coffee, whatever it takes to add your insights to the stew of opinions.

While we’re at it, it’s pay back time. That sounds harsh. What I really mean is that I need all of you to fill out the teacher evaluation forms. Since it’s easy to forget, since I get nagged by the school if too few students do so, I’ll have you do them in class. Easy. Done. Thanks.