Sketchbook by John Hendrix

At the start of class, hand in your inked alphabet. [Assignment : Font drawing] Here’s Typography.lo the pdf talk on type classification. See too this link from Ellen Lupton on type classification, fonts.com on the same subject (though I disagree, Americana is not a Transitional typeface!), and How magazine. If you really want to geek out and see how esoteric the subject can be, take a look at this article. However we’ll avoid TMI and stick to the basic understanding of Old Style or Transitional as the categories to choose from. Email me if you have questions.

For class, bring your sketchbooks (and larger drawing pad if you like). Bring drawing tools, paints (watercolors preferable), colored pencils, etc. John Hendrix will guide us through a sketchbook workshop. I have no clue what it will be like. I am so excited.