Calligraphy by Pokras Lampas

Hand in Hamburgefonts and anatomy of letterforms. Copy the word Hamburgefonts and the other letters from last week’s handout as precisely as you can. Ink in black onto white paper for the letters. Using colored pens, draw the features of the page as asked for in page 2 of the handout: baseline, etc and apex, etc. etc.

In class we’ll take a look at your Hamburgefonts and your sketchbooks.


Wide, flat foam brushes in an array of sizes.

Bring to class: foam brushes, bristle brushes (both stiff and soft), maybe even toothbrushes!, and quill pens, brush pens (the markers are cheapest), calligraphy pens (both marker and metal). Bring inks and paints, only black. Bring dishes and cups to water down paint if need be. Bring your giant newsprint pad.

Don’t spend a lot of money unless you can and want to load up on these resources. I will bring some tools too and share but don’t count on me for all of it. We’ll be spending the rest of class looking at hand-lettered alphabets and calligraphy, and drawing by hand.