Bring to class your original art for the script/calligraphy assignment. You can use pencil to lightly describe the skeleton of your letterforms but the actual formation of letters needs to be with pen or brush making the strokes, not filling in an outlined form. Pay attention to the position of the words on the page. It’s a rare phrase that will look best as horizontal lines of text dully placed in the center of the page.

Class will begin with a critique of the script/calligraphy assignment. After crit, we’ll look at how you can digitize your lettering and further modify it as vector forms in Adobe Illustrator.

The next assignment will be Storytime! You’ll design a book cover and interior spread for a collection of tales, your choice. It could be classical children’s Grimm Fairy Tales or modern absurdist (SU’s own!) George Saunders. Start thinking about what you’ll want to do.