The front cover of your book cover should be nearly done and the interior illustration at least roughed out. You’d be smart to plan the interim pages and illustration before finishing the jacket; they are all parts of the same whole and have to work together.

The front cover should have an image or illustration, display type of the title, and the author’s name (you can include yourself as illustrator.) If stumped, look at existing books of that genre. The interior spread will be 2 facing pages and include: chapter number, chapter title (or name of a story), drop cap, folios (page numbers) and at least a couple of paragraphs of body copy. The illustration will be on the facing page… unless you come up with another layout idea that serves the topic well. You may include ornamentation if appropriate.

We’ll have a mini-crit of your front covers; show your interior spread if you’ve got it ready for feedback. In class we’ll do a workshop in setting a block of body copy and how to insert a drop cap (yep, there’s more than one way.)

Final critique for the Storybook project is the following week. Pace yourself for a happy conclusion; get lots done in the coming week. And enjoy yourselves!