Bring to class your printed storybook covers and interior spreads for final critique. Your artwork must be repro size (i.e. the same size as the final printed piece). When you print the cover, if you have a pale background you can put a gray .5 rule around the trim size or cut it out to size. If you cut it out, in the print dialogue box select “Marks and Bleed” and select “Cropmarks”. This will give you corner marks to indicate where to trim your page.

When printing your interior spread, make sure your pages butt together (no space in between the 2 pages). Using InDesign, you can print your cover separately selecting page 1 only; under Setup select the vertical format and 8.5 x 11″ paper size. To print the spread: under general, choose Spreads; under Setup select the horizontal page format and paper size, 11 x 17.” Make sure to select “Cropmarks” and trim out your pages. If you’re sending the document to Schine Copy Center, you may need to save it as a pdf. Choose the Print Quality option and follow the above general directions, saving one document as cover and the other as the spread.

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