Sketch ideas for your unusual-materials poster. What are you going to say and what are you going to say it with? Don’t forget to sketch in the form of a wide rectangle to reflect the proportions of an 18 x 24″ poster. Consider the placement of your words within that rectangle; that is part of the design.

In your sketches resolve what your style of lettering will be. Consider what material will amplify or comment on the phrase. Will your material behave the way you want it to, form the shapes you need? Collect samples of your material and play its arrangement, what adhesive you might have to use, where your set-up will be, how you’ll photograph it.

Bring to class thumbnail sketches (lots is better than few) and test strips of your materials. In some cases there will be pictures of your materials because you can’t schlep them in. That’s OK, show us what you’ve got.

You have just 2 weeks for this project.